I can’t believe I ate the whole thing…

A couple weeks ago I decided to read the whole bible. I have never actually read the whole bible and have tried several times in the past but always seemed to get bogged down in some of the old testament books. So this time around I decided to do one of those reading plans and so far it is going well. My reading plan will take a year to complete but that’s fine with me, I don’t have the time to read large portions of the bible each day. So having it spread throughout a year makes it much easier for me to accomplish.

Making the time to read the bible reading plan wasn’t a challenge for me, years ago I had made the commitment to read my bible every day and have managed to keep that commitment. I would read either in the morning or at night before I would go to bed. So starting and fitting in the reading plan every day was fairly easy, I now read a few chapters every morning and a few chapters each night.

I am enjoying the reading plan because before I would just skip around in the bible, read a few chapters here and a few chapters there. Now I just simply turn on my iPad and see what chapters I am going to read that day (I am currently working my way through Genesis and Job).

If you have never read the whole bible or are just tired of “skipping” around in the bible then I would suggest trying a bible reading plan. You could do a reading plan for the whole bible like me or find one that’s about a certain topic addictions, money management, raising a Godly family, relationships, etc. There are a ton out there that could fit your need. The app I use on my iPad is the YouVersion bible app. It has many different bible translations and lots of bible reading plans. If you have an iPad or something similar I would strongly suggest using that app. They also have a website that has a lot of the same things as the app (different translations and reading plans)  http://www.youversion.com/bible/john.1.kjv  Go take a look and see what you find.