Quick & Easy Easter Decoration

Its Easter time and you know what that means….Eggs! All sorts of ways to decorate eggs, make eggs out of any random thing you can find, eat eggs and have everything at the store be egg shaped.

I Can’t resist those Reese’s eggs, they are the best!

Being the wonderful person that I am I figured I would add to the egg awesomeness with a great little tip on how to easily hang plastic eggs outside. The idea came from my sister, who is slightly ocd and likes to find the most efficient way to do things (her words, not mine)

We had never hung plastic eggs before but had seen plenty of them hanging outside of homes and we remembered our grandmother hanging hers in the little tree in her front yard. We both knew what was needed and how to do it but my sister being her ever efficient self thought of this little handy way of stringing all the eggs.


Lots of you may already do this type of decoration but hopefully this tip will help you out this year. What you’ll need is:

Plastic Eggs, the kind with two holes on the top/narrower end (however many you want)

A needle that’s large and not sharp

Spool of thread, yarn, ribbon, twine, etc (we used the kind of ribbon used for balloons)

Instead of cutting multiple pieces of ribbon to string on each egg, we strung the eggs on to the ribbon while it was still attached to the spool. This saves a lot of time from having to cut each piece of ribbon and string it on each eggs.

First we threaded the needle with the ribbon and threaded 10-20 eggs onto the  spool of ribbon  (if you do more it results in having to do a lot of extra egg sliding). When you have strung your eggs onto the spool make sure to leave a few feet of ribbon on the end.


Easter Garland anyone?…might be a future post. Also did I mention my sister is slightly ocd…

Now take the needle off the ribbon and slide the egg closest to the end down the extra few feet of ribbon that you left (this is why you don’t string too many eggs onto the ribbon. If you did then you would have to leave many feet of ribbon on the end to slide the egg down) make sure to not slide the egg off the ribbon but instead leave a few inches, now bring the ribbon together (as pictured below) and cut it at a length that you feel would be good to tie and hang your egg.


Once cut just tie a simple knot, to make a loop and they are ready to be hung! We had the kids help hang them on a bush outside,now its all pretty despite the lack of greenery.