Its The Final Countdown!

Ok so this isn’t a post about the band Europe, though I do enjoy that song and can totally rock it on SongPop! lol. Instead this post is about the Advent Calendar I just finished making for Little Bean. This is the first year we are doing this kind of advent calendar so I hope it goes well. We’ve always done an advent calendar that goes through the Christmas story that has little books that you can hang as Christmas tree ornaments. We are still going to do that calendar too because I feel it is important to keep our focus on Christ and the real reason we are celebrating Christmas. However I wanted to do more this year so after poking around Pinterest and the internet I came up with this.

Advent Activities Calendar!thanksging and calendar 020

That’s only part of the Advent Calendar but you get the idea.

To make this I made 25 activity cards.  Each card has a special activity on it such as “go see christmas lights in our pajamas and drink hot chocolate” or another was “Eat breakfast in bed and watch a movie” ( a full list of our activities are listed below). Make sure each card is made out of something sturdy such as cardstock or laminate the cards if you can, that way you can reuse the cards every year!

Now most of the blogs I had looked at had you make your own envelopes or something like that. Now anyone who knows me knows that I HATE paper crafting, I don’t have the patience for it and it stresses me out. So there was no way I was going to make envelopes! Instead I just used wrapping paper and wrapped each activity card like a present. This works well for two reasons, one its sooooo much easier to just simply wrap the cards instead of taking the time to make envelopes and two when little bean opens the activity card it will be like opening a present!

I then used a sharpie to write a number (1-25) on each wrapped card. I would suggest beforehand (before you wrap them) to look at your calendar and assign an activity to days that it works best for (easy simple activities on days that are more busy and more time consuming activities to days that are more open). Keep a list of what days you assigned what activity to so you will know what activities to expect and can be prepared for them.

Now after you have got the activity cards assigned to a specific day, wrapped them up and put their corresponding number on them its time to hang them up! If you have an advent calendar with pockets in it, you could just put the cards in that or you could do like I did.

I got 3 command hooks and stuck them to my wall spaced sufficiently apart (however far apart you want just make sure there is enough room to hang the cards). My dear mother gave me some gold ribbon that I strung on the hooks. I then got some clothes pins and bows from the Dollar Tree. I hot glued the bows onto the clothes pins to “pretty” them up, this is completely optional you don’t have to do the bows at all  you could even do something else like bells! After that I hung up the cards on the ribbon using the pretty clothespins. That’s it! now we have an advent calendar and a Christmas decoration all in one! I also hung our Christmas stockings on the hooks too, it looks really cute together.

I really like this type of advent calendar because I can make it be whatever I want it to be! I planned activities that cost little to none and this was a convenient way to include some of our normal Christmas activities and not forget them! lol. So as promised here is the list of activities.

1. bath (little bean has really sensitive skin so he usually doesn’t get to have baths)

2. Put up Christmas tree and decorate

3. board games

4. Make Christmas ornaments

5.Wrap Christmas presents

6. Buy a present for Toys for Tots

7. Window Wonderland

8. Stay up 15 mins. past bedtime

9. Go see Christmas lights in pajamas and hot chocolate

10. Christmas Movie

11.One extra bedtime story

12. make paper snowflakes

13. eat a candy cane and share with neighbors

14. bath

15. Get your teacher a gift and card

16. Go see Christmas Lights

17. make a gingerbread house

18. one extra bedtime story

19. 15 mins. past bedtime

20.Breakfast and movie in bed

21. Bake cookies

22. Board games

23. Make snow dough (aka Cloud Dough)

24.Christmas Eve Box

25. Its Christmas Day! Enjoy time with family and friends

Have a blessed and Merry Christmas!