I can’t believe I ate the whole thing…

A couple weeks ago I decided to read the whole bible. I have never actually read the whole bible and have tried several times in the past but always seemed to get bogged down in some of the old testament books. So this time around I decided to do one of those reading plans and so far it is going well. My reading plan will take a year to complete but that’s fine with me, I don’t have the time to read large portions of the bible each day. So having it spread throughout a year makes it much easier for me to accomplish.

Making the time to read the bible reading plan wasn’t a challenge for me, years ago I had made the commitment to read my bible every day and have managed to keep that commitment. I would read either in the morning or at night before I would go to bed. So starting and fitting in the reading plan every day was fairly easy, I now read a few chapters every morning and a few chapters each night.

I am enjoying the reading plan because before I would just skip around in the bible, read a few chapters here and a few chapters there. Now I just simply turn on my iPad and see what chapters I am going to read that day (I am currently working my way through Genesis and Job).

If you have never read the whole bible or are just tired of “skipping” around in the bible then I would suggest trying a bible reading plan. You could do a reading plan for the whole bible like me or find one that’s about a certain topic addictions, money management, raising a Godly family, relationships, etc. There are a ton out there that could fit your need. The app I use on my iPad is the YouVersion bible app. It has many different bible translations and lots of bible reading plans. If you have an iPad or something similar I would strongly suggest using that app. They also have a website that has a lot of the same things as the app (different translations and reading plans)  http://www.youversion.com/bible/john.1.kjv  Go take a look and see what you find.


I’m a Christian

So as I have said before I am a single Christian mom. I am proud to be a Christian and am happily one too. I find in today’s world it’s not easy being a Christian. There are many misconceptions about Christianity and how to live a Christian life.

I am by no means a perfect person and have sinned many times but by Gods grace I have been forgiven. I imagine that I will probably sin in the future and will need to seek God’s forgiveness for those times too. But I do try my best to follow Gods will and to maintain a holy life. I don’t have all the answers on how to do this, I am still learning too.

I have been a Christian for a little while and it certainly has been a rollercoaster ride but I’ve always had God at my side. There have been times when I have resisted His will and gotten myself in various personal  troubles (never illegal stuff). Though each time that happened God was still there with me. When I would finally come to my senses He would always help me to move on and grow from it. I have grown a lot in these past years and I know I will grow more.

I don’t know my future but I know God will be there. I know he will help me through whatever is to come and I trust Him to guide me. I hope to teach these things to my little bean so that he can grow up knowing the love of God and feeling secure in his relationship with Him. I also hope that the posts I share about my Christian walk will help you and others too.

I’m Back!

I know I haven’t posted in over 3 months. Things got busy with the move and other stuff happened that distracted me from my blog. I am sorry but now I’m Back!

With the nice warm weather little bean and I have been enjoying the great outdoors lately. We have a new patio set thats been great to use, little bean thinks its really great to sit outside and eat. We’ve been taking walks and exploring our neighborhood.

Last week on one of our walks we collected 3 “tent worms”. Little bean decided to name them sensei, Kai and Jay (after Ninjago characters, lol). So we brought them home and put them in a tupperware container with some leaves. By the next day they were all in coccoons! I had already done some research the week before about the “tent worms” (for my preschool class). The worms are actually Eastern Tent Caterpillars, you have probably seen their big white “tents” hanging in the trees. This year there was a ton of these caterpillars and tents everywhere so it was real easy to collect these guys. Once they are in a coccoon they will stay that way for about 2 weeks and then “hatch” and come out as a moth. So right now little bean and I are waiting for the moths to hatch next week. Little bean is really excited about this and likes to check on them almost everyday.

This whole project has been a lot of fun for me. Not only have I learned something about Eastern Tent Caterpillars but I got to do something special with my little bean. Teaching him about these little creatures and how to take care of them and using it as a lesson about how God takes care of us too. I really hope that our efforts will be rewarded with 3 little moths but if not there is always another lesson to be learned. Until then I’ll keep you posted.

To keep or not to keep…

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days. It’s just been so busy with moving and working.

Moving is going well. I am rather enjoying this move. Growing up I was use to moving by throwing everything into a uhaul truck and taking everything all at once to our new home. Well this move isn’t very far so I can move in slowly, take a few boxes over at a time, unpack them and put the stuff away. So hopefully most of my things will already be in place when me and the little bean move in.
Today we are moving the big items into the apartment couch, beds, dressers, etc. I’m really looking forward to having those things put in, I think it’ll finally make the place feel more like home. The little bean is getting more excited about the move and keeps asking when we are going back.
With all the unpacking I am finding lots of his baby items and keep showing them to him. Little bean isn’t to excited about them but I certainly am!
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a lot of his baby items, years infact. It’s so fun seeing all the tiny outfits, blankets and toys that he use to use. It brings back a lot of memories good and bad.
I have lots of boxes to go through, I am one of those moms that never want to get rid of anything that their child brings home or grows out of. But the apartment is too small to hold all of those boxes, so now I have to go through all of it and decide what to keep and what to give away. That’s going to be a difficult task but I will get it done! I’ll probably just give some of it away and the rest will be put in a yardsale or sent to Goodwill.

Lacking thoughts

So I’m trying to post for today and nothing is coming to mind. My mind is a total blank. I’ve been busy unpacking and moving furniture and frankly I am tired. I know most people would grab a coffee, energy drink, pop or something caffeinated to give them an energy boost. But I’m not one of those people, I don’t hate caffeine I just don’t drink much of it. One time I had one of those 5 hour energy drinks and my heart was racing so fast it felt like I had just ran a marathon! Another reason I don’t drink caffeine is once you stop drinking it you get terrible headaches. I already get enough headaches from other things I don’t need to be adding to them! Now I have nothing against people who drink caffeinated drinks, if thats what you like to drink then go for it.

After typing that my brain has finally decided to wake up and now I have several ideas of things I could be talking about instead of caffeine lol. Well maybe I’ll just save those ideas for tomorrow …if I can remember them…

Learning a frugal life

So I have recently found an apartment for my little bean and me to live in. It’s a cute place and at a great price. It’ll be the first time little bean and me will have our own place. We are excited and looking forward to moving in. However there will of course need to be changes in our spending.

So now enters my adventures into the world of couponing, freezer meals, home made cleaners, budgets and who knows what else that I’m sure I’ll discover. Most of it I don’t mind doing but I don’t look forward to couponing. It seems like it would take so much time to go through coupons, find the best deals, get sales, etc. I seriously have no idea how I will have the time to do all these things, especially as a single mom. I guess I will eventually learn. Now don’t get me wrong I love getting a good deal or shopping at a good sale. But remembering that I have a coupon for that box of cereal or just simply remembering to bring the coupons with me to the store will be a feat all on it’s own! I certainly hope I can get the hang of it and fast!


So I have decided to adventure into the land of blogginess…. I don’t know why I have decided to do this, maybe as a way to put my thoughts down or maybe to let people know about me and my interests. Actually it’s probably because I have a million and one thoughts and ideas running around in brain and they need released somewhere and I guess this is where I will spew them out.

I don’t plan on having any sort of organization, themes, or order to this blog. So you’ll just have to deal with my randomness and run away thoughts and my easily distracted mind. Plus my bad grammar, I hate grammar who knows where to properly place half those things? So welcome to my blog:)