Don’t Open, Dead Inside

We recently celebrated my sister’s birthday with a Walking Dead theme. She is a big fan of the Walking Dead, however I am not. So this has been an interesting experience trying to create a birthday about something that I know not much about.

Now first off, for everyone who loves the Walking Dead please don’t be mad at me. I have watched some of it, discussed plot points and characters with my sister, and occasionally ask how things are going with various situations in the show. Over all the show is just not my kind of show but I understand why others like it and that’s ok. Though if Negan kills Glenn I will be sad.

To start getting things ready for the party I brainstormed some ideas and decided to make some decorations to fit the theme, turn the kids and me into zombies, and zombiefy the food.

For the decorations I decided to make a “door” similar to the one in the first episode where the zombies were locked inside the hospital cafeteria, a bloody tablecloth, some zombie shirts and buy zombie face paint.




  • Twin sized sheet set, fitted sheet ( the flat will be used for tablecloth)
  • 2 hangers with clips
  • Red paint
  • *Black Paint (optional, I needed it to darken the red)
  • Black spray paint
  • foam brush
  • Drop Cloth

I was able to get all the supplies at Walmart, except the hangers which came from  my closet.

To get started I first made a couple small cuts into the edge of the sheet to remove the elastic, that way it would lay flatter and hang better.

Then I used the center fold crease on the sheet to mark the middle of the doors, where they will be able to open at, and traced the words “Don’t Open” (left side) “Dead Inside” (right side) with a pen. Make sure to draw your letters large enough to spray paint over. I didn’t and so my letters ended up smooshed together.

When done with that, clip the hangers to the top of your sheet and hang it where you are going to be painting. I worked in our garage (please excuse the mess because we actually use it and I have no intention of pretending otherwise) and hung it from a fluorescent light bulb (probably not recommended).

Before painting I placed the drop cloth behind the sheet to protect whatever was behind it from the paint.


Once all set I used the black spray paint to paint the letters. As I said before my letters were kind of smooshed and not very readable in the end. Hopefully you have better spray painting technique than me or perhaps just paint the letters on with the foam brush and black paint. Whatever method you choose it should turn out better than mine.

For added pizazz I mixed a little black with the red paint to get the desired blood color and used the foam brush to splatter “blood” on the sheet. I also painted my hand to make a few bloody hand prints on the sheet.

Once all dried I cut the sheet up the middle (along the center fold crease) so it could open like the doors and hung it over the doorway in the kitchen. (please ignore the fact that I ended up hanging the door upside down in my rush to get everything ready)


Bloody Tablecloth


Supplies: (you will need everything from the picture except the hangers and spray paint)

  • Twin size sheet set, flat sheet (fitted sheet is used for the door)
  • Red paint
  • *Black paint (optional, I needed it to darken the red)
  • Foam brush
  • Drop cloth

I was able to get everything from Walmart.

To make the bloody tablecloth I first laid out the drop cloth on the garage floor and then spread out the flat sheet on top of the drop cloth.

I then mixed a little black paint into the red until I got the desired blood color and used the foam brush to splatter the paint on the sheet. I made sure to concentrate the splatter more towards the center of the sheet since that would be the most visible part when on the table.

Once satisfied with the paint splatter I left it to dry for a few hours and it looked great.


Zombie Shirts



  • White shirts
  • Red paint
  • *Black Paint (optional, I needed it to darken the red)
  • Foam brush
  • Drop cloth

I was able to get all the supplies at Walmart.

To make the shirts I first laid out the drop cloth on the floor of my work space (aka the garage) and laid out the shirts in a row on the drop cloth, so I could easily go from one shirt to the next while painting them.

I next mixed a little black paint with the red until I got the desired blood color and used the foam brush to splatter the paint all over the shirts (front and back).

I then painted my hand and used it to make various hand prints on the shirts. Make sure to smear the hand prints and not be too neat, get creative with this.

Once done painting I left them to dry for a few hours and they turned out great.


Zombie Makeup

I had never done zombie makeup before and needed to make sure I got makeup that was safe for everyone’s skin (we all have very sensitive skin). So after some Googling around I found this family sized zombie makeup kit that was hypoallergenic.

Zombie Family Makeup

I also wasn’t sure how to correctly apply the makeup so that we all looked sufficiently zombieish. So I searched around YouTube and found this great little video. I was able to do everything in the video except the latex because of our sensitive skin and the neck appliance because I didn’t have one.

Zombie Makeup Tutorial — How To Do Easy Zombie Makeup

Between the video and the directions on the back of the package I was able to do everyone’s makeup pretty easily and quickly. I used my own makeup sponges when applying the makeup, which seemed to work pretty well. In the end everyone was happy and we had no bad skin reactions to the makeup.SAM_2191


Quick & Easy Easter Decoration

Its Easter time and you know what that means….Eggs! All sorts of ways to decorate eggs, make eggs out of any random thing you can find, eat eggs and have everything at the store be egg shaped.

I Can’t resist those Reese’s eggs, they are the best!

Being the wonderful person that I am I figured I would add to the egg awesomeness with a great little tip on how to easily hang plastic eggs outside. The idea came from my sister, who is slightly ocd and likes to find the most efficient way to do things (her words, not mine)

We had never hung plastic eggs before but had seen plenty of them hanging outside of homes and we remembered our grandmother hanging hers in the little tree in her front yard. We both knew what was needed and how to do it but my sister being her ever efficient self thought of this little handy way of stringing all the eggs.


Lots of you may already do this type of decoration but hopefully this tip will help you out this year. What you’ll need is:

Plastic Eggs, the kind with two holes on the top/narrower end (however many you want)

A needle that’s large and not sharp

Spool of thread, yarn, ribbon, twine, etc (we used the kind of ribbon used for balloons)

Instead of cutting multiple pieces of ribbon to string on each egg, we strung the eggs on to the ribbon while it was still attached to the spool. This saves a lot of time from having to cut each piece of ribbon and string it on each eggs.

First we threaded the needle with the ribbon and threaded 10-20 eggs onto the  spool of ribbon  (if you do more it results in having to do a lot of extra egg sliding). When you have strung your eggs onto the spool make sure to leave a few feet of ribbon on the end.


Easter Garland anyone?…might be a future post. Also did I mention my sister is slightly ocd…

Now take the needle off the ribbon and slide the egg closest to the end down the extra few feet of ribbon that you left (this is why you don’t string too many eggs onto the ribbon. If you did then you would have to leave many feet of ribbon on the end to slide the egg down) make sure to not slide the egg off the ribbon but instead leave a few inches, now bring the ribbon together (as pictured below) and cut it at a length that you feel would be good to tie and hang your egg.


Once cut just tie a simple knot, to make a loop and they are ready to be hung! We had the kids help hang them on a bush outside,now its all pretty despite the lack of greenery.


Its The Final Countdown!

Ok so this isn’t a post about the band Europe, though I do enjoy that song and can totally rock it on SongPop! lol. Instead this post is about the Advent Calendar I just finished making for Little Bean. This is the first year we are doing this kind of advent calendar so I hope it goes well. We’ve always done an advent calendar that goes through the Christmas story that has little books that you can hang as Christmas tree ornaments. We are still going to do that calendar too because I feel it is important to keep our focus on Christ and the real reason we are celebrating Christmas. However I wanted to do more this year so after poking around Pinterest and the internet I came up with this.

Advent Activities Calendar!thanksging and calendar 020

That’s only part of the Advent Calendar but you get the idea.

To make this I made 25 activity cards.  Each card has a special activity on it such as “go see christmas lights in our pajamas and drink hot chocolate” or another was “Eat breakfast in bed and watch a movie” ( a full list of our activities are listed below). Make sure each card is made out of something sturdy such as cardstock or laminate the cards if you can, that way you can reuse the cards every year!

Now most of the blogs I had looked at had you make your own envelopes or something like that. Now anyone who knows me knows that I HATE paper crafting, I don’t have the patience for it and it stresses me out. So there was no way I was going to make envelopes! Instead I just used wrapping paper and wrapped each activity card like a present. This works well for two reasons, one its sooooo much easier to just simply wrap the cards instead of taking the time to make envelopes and two when little bean opens the activity card it will be like opening a present!

I then used a sharpie to write a number (1-25) on each wrapped card. I would suggest beforehand (before you wrap them) to look at your calendar and assign an activity to days that it works best for (easy simple activities on days that are more busy and more time consuming activities to days that are more open). Keep a list of what days you assigned what activity to so you will know what activities to expect and can be prepared for them.

Now after you have got the activity cards assigned to a specific day, wrapped them up and put their corresponding number on them its time to hang them up! If you have an advent calendar with pockets in it, you could just put the cards in that or you could do like I did.

I got 3 command hooks and stuck them to my wall spaced sufficiently apart (however far apart you want just make sure there is enough room to hang the cards). My dear mother gave me some gold ribbon that I strung on the hooks. I then got some clothes pins and bows from the Dollar Tree. I hot glued the bows onto the clothes pins to “pretty” them up, this is completely optional you don’t have to do the bows at all  you could even do something else like bells! After that I hung up the cards on the ribbon using the pretty clothespins. That’s it! now we have an advent calendar and a Christmas decoration all in one! I also hung our Christmas stockings on the hooks too, it looks really cute together.

I really like this type of advent calendar because I can make it be whatever I want it to be! I planned activities that cost little to none and this was a convenient way to include some of our normal Christmas activities and not forget them! lol. So as promised here is the list of activities.

1. bath (little bean has really sensitive skin so he usually doesn’t get to have baths)

2. Put up Christmas tree and decorate

3. board games

4. Make Christmas ornaments

5.Wrap Christmas presents

6. Buy a present for Toys for Tots

7. Window Wonderland

8. Stay up 15 mins. past bedtime

9. Go see Christmas lights in pajamas and hot chocolate

10. Christmas Movie

11.One extra bedtime story

12. make paper snowflakes

13. eat a candy cane and share with neighbors

14. bath

15. Get your teacher a gift and card

16. Go see Christmas Lights

17. make a gingerbread house

18. one extra bedtime story

19. 15 mins. past bedtime

20.Breakfast and movie in bed

21. Bake cookies

22. Board games

23. Make snow dough (aka Cloud Dough)

24.Christmas Eve Box

25. Its Christmas Day! Enjoy time with family and friends

Have a blessed and Merry Christmas!

Mothers Day craft and fun

I am sorry for not posting anything for a week. I was busy last weekend and didn’t really feel motivated this week to do any posting (though I really wanted to do this post). So I have finally kicked myself into gear and getting this post done!

I had a great Mother’s Day, I didn’t do anything really special just hung out with my mom for the weekend which was nice. For Mother’s Day little Bean gave me  some solar lights shaped like flowers to put in our garden (he is really proud of our garden) and he also gave a pack of Reese’s because he knows its my favorite candy:) I love my little bean, he is so thoughtful.

However I wanted to share what I did with my preschool class for Mother’s Day. I searched around on Pinterest for ideas and came up with the following things to do: hand cutout cards (I know very generic), homemade bath soap (the kids loved doing this) and homemade bath salts/foot soak.

We spent a week making all of these things (making it, drying time, assembling, etc). We first started with the cards by folding a piece of construction paper in half, hotdog style. I then traced the child’s hand onto the piece of paper but made sure that their thumb and pointer finger were on the crease. Cutout the hand print and when you unfold it, where the thumb and pointer finger connect it will make a heart shape. We then glued the hands into a card, put a poem on the front and helped the children sign their names on their card. I didn’t take any pictures of us making the cards but there is a picture at the bottom of this post that shows “the finished product” including the card. Here’s a link to the blog where I got the idea for the handprints from (I don’t know what language it is in but the pictures show you easily what to do)

Also here is the poem we put on the front of our cards. I have seen this poem throughout the web so I don’t have a specific site to give credit to for it.

This is my hand.

My hand will do

A thousand loving things for you

And you will remember

When I am tall…

That once my hand

Was just this small.

After the cards we then made the soap because it needed several days to dry. You need the following things to make our Homemade Soap:

A bar of Ivory Soap (however many you think you need)


paper towels, wax paper or parchment paper (to put the soap on)

large bowl


cookie cutters, small molds, etc. (optional)

First put a bar of unwrapped ivory soap in the microwave on a paper towel, wax paper or parchment paper. Then turn the microwave on for 3 minutes (it takes less than that but that will give you plenty of time) and watch what happens!

A Soap Cloud! The children really loved watching the soap “grow” and become a Soap Cloud. We made 3 Soap Clouds so there would be enough soap for everyone. The Soap Cloud was kinda warm so I didn’t let the children touch them until after they were all broken up.

After we made the Soap Clouds they were then put into a large bowl and crumbled into a powder using my hands. You could stop here with the project and just let the kids play with the Soap Clouds and powder, maybe pretend its snow or use the soap powder for another project (if anyone has ideas of what you could do with soap powder let me know by posting a comment and maybe I’ll feature it in another blog post).

(Me crumbling up the Soap Cloud)

However we wanted to go further and make Homemade Soap so we continued onto the next step.

I added water to the soap powder and mixed it together until it became kinda like play dough (slightly drier). I then gave a ball of soap to each child and had them press it into the cookie cutter of their choice. Make sure the soap is firmly packed in so it wont crumble or fall apart when being removed from the cookie cutter. We let the soap dry for two days and then removed them from the cookie cutters. If you don’t have cookie cutters or small molds you can just let the children squish the soap into whatever shape they want and let it dry that way too.

Homemade Soap after the children first put them in the cookie cutters (sorry for the bad editing)

Next we made the Bath Salts. Here’s a list of what you need:

Epsom Salt

Essential Oil (we used Ylang-Ylang)



seran wrap

Our recipe called for us to put 20 drops of essential oil in for every 2 cups of epsom salt. I put the drops of essential oil in and then we let the children take turns stirring it. After it was well mixed we covered the bowl with seran wrap and let it sit for 24 hours. After 24 hours we put 1/2 a cup into snack baggies (that’s enough for 1 bath or 2-3 foot soaks).

Adding the salt

 Adding the essential oil

So after a week of fun and the classroom smelling really pretty here is the end result. The Mother’s all really loved their gifts and thought they were adorable.

Finished Product

We put the soap in a snack baggy with crumpled tissue paper to dress it up and protect it. Though not pictured on the inside of the card where the handprints are we wrote Happy Mother’s Day and had the children (with assistance) sign their name. We also hole punched and threaded the bags together with a little note explaining what the children made and how much bath salt to use for a bath or foot soak.

Recipe for gardening: a dash of dirt, a dribble of water, a good sprinkling of fun and loads of laughter

Well I finally planted my “garden” yesterday. I had been putting it off for awhile because of the crazy weather we have been having here. Its been a really warm winter and then it all of a sudden cooled down in spring and we started getting frost. So I had to wait until the frost was gone before I could plant anything.

Yesterday seemed like a great day to do my gardening. It wasn’t too hot out and I actually had enough energy to do it! lol. So me and little bean went to Lowes and picked out a tomato plant and some herbs. Little bean made sure my flowers I had gotten for Teacher Appreciation week stayed nice and safe on his lap while on the ride home:) Once home we planted them all in the planters I had bought several weeks before (I like doing container gardening). Little bean had lots of fun helping, especially with the watering.

I had lots of fun doing this project with little bean. It was a  great way to teach him different things about plants and how to plant them. We are excited about seeing the plants grow and enjoying the “fruits” of our labor. This is also a great way to teach little bean about how God created things and how he provides for us by growing food.

Our Garden