Recipe for gardening: a dash of dirt, a dribble of water, a good sprinkling of fun and loads of laughter

Well I finally planted my “garden” yesterday. I had been putting it off for awhile because of the crazy weather we have been having here. Its been a really warm winter and then it all of a sudden cooled down in spring and we started getting frost. So I had to wait until the frost was gone before I could plant anything.

Yesterday seemed like a great day to do my gardening. It wasn’t too hot out and I actually had enough energy to do it! lol. So me and little bean went to Lowes and picked out a tomato plant and some herbs. Little bean made sure my flowers I had gotten for Teacher Appreciation week stayed nice and safe on his lap while on the ride home:) Once home we planted them all in the planters I had bought several weeks before (I like doing container gardening). Little bean had lots of fun helping, especially with the watering.

I had lots of fun doing this project with little bean. It was a  great way to teach him different things about plants and how to plant them. We are excited about seeing the plants grow and enjoying the “fruits” of our labor. This is also a great way to teach little bean about how God created things and how he provides for us by growing food.

Our Garden


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