I’m a Christian

So as I have said before I am a single Christian mom. I am proud to be a Christian and am happily one too. I find in today’s world it’s not easy being a Christian. There are many misconceptions about Christianity and how to live a Christian life.

I am by no means a perfect person and have sinned many times but by Gods grace I have been forgiven. I imagine that I will probably sin in the future and will need to seek God’s forgiveness for those times too. But I do try my best to follow Gods will and to maintain a holy life. I don’t have all the answers on how to do this, I am still learning too.

I have been a Christian for a little while and it certainly has been a rollercoaster ride but I’ve always had God at my side. There have been times when I have resisted His will and gotten myself in various personal  troubles (never illegal stuff). Though each time that happened God was still there with me. When I would finally come to my senses He would always help me to move on and grow from it. I have grown a lot in these past years and I know I will grow more.

I don’t know my future but I know God will be there. I know he will help me through whatever is to come and I trust Him to guide me. I hope to teach these things to my little bean so that he can grow up knowing the love of God and feeling secure in his relationship with Him. I also hope that the posts I share about my Christian walk will help you and others too.


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