Freezer meals, mmmm mmmmm good (part 2)

There are tons of recipes that you can freeze. Most of the recipes you already cook are probably freezeable. Don’t think that you have to go out and find specific “freezer recipes” you can use what recipes you already have. Thats what I do, I go through my recipes and simply pick out ones that I want to cook and think will taste great being reheated. I tend to avoid recipes that have a lot of fruit or veggies in them because they don’t always freeze well for me. You can go give it a try and see if freezing veggies and fruit works for you. I usually end up with mushy veggies or fruit after they have thawed or been reheated, which I really don’t like. So most of my freezer meals are starchy types (pasta, rice, potatoes) with meat in it or its just meat. Don’t worry me and little bean eat plenty of fruits and veggies typically as a side to the main dish. As I said before in my previous post I make sides (veggies and fruit) for each meal and don’t freeze them.

Here is some links to various blogs or websites that has recipes that I’ve used and enjoy or has great tips on freezing food. Look through and see what you find and try what interestes you.

This article gives you a lot of great tips on what you can and cannot freeze. There’s tons of things mentioned that I would have never thought to freeze. Really worth checking out especially if you have never frozen foods before.

This pizza casserole is so yummy! I did do some changes to the recipe to fit my tastes. I did 1 pound of ground beef and half a pound of ground italian sausage. I also used penne or rotini noodles and added some Garlic Garlic and Onion Onion (those are seasoning mixes from Tastefully Simple). It turned out great. I didn’t have to double this recipe. The recipe alone provided enough for me and little bean to eat a meal that night and have leftovers for lunch and freeze 2 meals from it!

Made this a couple weeks ago and love it! I just bought a family pack of chicken tenderloins and doubled the recipe. Cooked it all up and froze half of it and we ate the other half.

I”ve made this salsa several times and its sooo good. To freeze this I put 1/4 cup amount each in dixie cups. I put the cups in the freezer and once frozen pop the salsa out and put them in a freezer bag to store in the freezer or simply keep them in the cups and pull one out when I want to have a snack. I like to freeze them in 1/4 cup amounts so I can pullout as much or as little as I want. I then just put them in a bowl in the microwave and warm it up until completely thawed but not warm.

These freeze great and my little bean just loves these for a quick and filling breakfast in the morning. I just put 2 puffins on a plate in the microwave and heat for 1 min. He then can eat them at the table or we can wrap them up in a paper towel and eat them on the run:)

I make a bunch of these and just freeze them. They are great for a quick snack or meal. And can easily be thrown into a lunch box for school lunches. My little bean loves eating them and helping me make them;)

This is a really yummy recipe that freezes well.I’ve used it for several years and always enjoy it. I made one change to the recipe instead of white wine I use apple juice, I like the flavor it has with the apple juice.

Listed below is a bunch of other blogs and websites that have freezer meals. I haven’t had a chance to try these yet but you might find something yummy that you would like to try. I hope to try some of these soon, if you try some of them let me know how it turned out and what you thought of it. Now just to be clear all these recipes listed here are not my own creations, lots of other people made these recipes and shared them on their blogs or website. I am simply sharing their recipes on here for you guys to easily find and enjoy. Make sure to tell them how much you’ve enjoyed their recipe should you try one of theirs, thank you.


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