Freezer meals, my way (part 1)

I love to cook. I always have loved cooking. I find it to be relaxing, exciting, invigorating and just simply enjoyable. When I go to a grocery store my brain gets all happy and does a happy dance when we’re in the produce section. When I go out to eat I always end up analyzing my food, figuring out what ingredients would make it better or if its already great then I try to figure out what ingredients they used so I can make it myself. I know this must all seem strange or just silly but this is how I am and I love it!

Now being a single mom means I am busy a lot of the time, work, church, school activities, housework, etc. So cooking a meal from scratch everyday isn’t always possible, hence the reason I love doing freezer meals. I have read on other blogs about how they will set aside one day a month to make a bunch of different freezer meals at once and then use those meals throughout the whole month. That is certainly a great way to do it and if you have the storage space go for it! However I do not normally have that amount of time to set aside or storage space to do that. So this is how I do my freezer meals…

I usually make a meal plan for the coming week (I’ll do another post on meal planning sometime soon). I try to make something different each night and to use a different meat each night, so things don’t get boring. When I meal plan, I plan on making the main dish for a meal double of what I need for me and little bean (doubling a recipe if I need to). I go and do my grocery shopping once a week to save me time and gas.

I then cook the meals throughout the week on their designated day. When I cook the meal I will make the main dish double of what I really need. That way I can freeze half of it and the other half we will eat for dinner that night and still have leftovers for lunch the next day. I don’t usually double the side dishes becuse they are typically pretty quick and easy to make. I make just enough of the side dish’s for dinner and to have leftovers for lunch the next day. So in one night I made dinner for my family  and froze another meal to use another night. Do this a few nights each week and you’ ll have plenty of meals stored up! The next time I meal plan I can then include one or two of my freezer meals or more and save myself time, especially if its a busy day.

Either way of doing freezer meals works great. My method of doing freezer meals probably works best for small families, 1-4 people I would guess. This method works well for small families because you can buy the family size packs of meat at the grocery store and save money incomparission to having to buy smaller packs. Any groceries that you can buy in larger sizes or amounts tends to save you money. Also it won’t be as easy for a larger family to cook a doubled recipe each night, it would be such a large amount to prepare and cook.

The other method of doing freezer meals would probably work better for a large family as long as they have the time to set aside and the space to store it.

I will post part 2 tomorrow. It will include some recipes I like to freeze and links to other blogs with freezer meal recipes and tips. I found a lot of these from pinterest. Pinterest is so great, you’ll probably hear me reference pinterest a lot in future posts!


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