I’m Back!

I know I haven’t posted in over 3 months. Things got busy with the move and other stuff happened that distracted me from my blog. I am sorry but now I’m Back!

With the nice warm weather little bean and I have been enjoying the great outdoors lately. We have a new patio set thats been great to use, little bean thinks its really great to sit outside and eat. We’ve been taking walks and exploring our neighborhood.

Last week on one of our walks we collected 3 “tent worms”. Little bean decided to name them sensei, Kai and Jay (after Ninjago characters, lol). So we brought them home and put them in a tupperware container with some leaves. By the next day they were all in coccoons! I had already done some research the week before about the “tent worms” (for my preschool class). The worms are actually Eastern Tent Caterpillars, you have probably seen their big white “tents” hanging in the trees. This year there was a ton of these caterpillars and tents everywhere so it was real easy to collect these guys. Once they are in a coccoon they will stay that way for about 2 weeks and then “hatch” and come out as a moth. So right now little bean and I are waiting for the moths to hatch next week. Little bean is really excited about this and likes to check on them almost everyday.

This whole project has been a lot of fun for me. Not only have I learned something about Eastern Tent Caterpillars but I got to do something special with my little bean. Teaching him about these little creatures and how to take care of them and using it as a lesson about how God takes care of us too. I really hope that our efforts will be rewarded with 3 little moths but if not there is always another lesson to be learned. Until then I’ll keep you posted.


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