Lacking thoughts

So I’m trying to post for today and nothing is coming to mind. My mind is a total blank. I’ve been busy unpacking and moving furniture and frankly I am tired. I know most people would grab a coffee, energy drink, pop or something caffeinated to give them an energy boost. But I’m not one of those people, I don’t hate caffeine I just don’t drink much of it. One time I had one of those 5 hour energy drinks and my heart was racing so fast it felt like I had just ran a marathon! Another reason I don’t drink caffeine is once you stop drinking it you get terrible headaches. I already get enough headaches from other things I don’t need to be adding to them! Now I have nothing against people who drink caffeinated drinks, if thats what you like to drink then go for it.

After typing that my brain has finally decided to wake up and now I have several ideas of things I could be talking about instead of caffeine lol. Well maybe I’ll just save those ideas for tomorrow …if I can remember them…


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