Learning a frugal life

So I have recently found an apartment for my little bean and me to live in. It’s a cute place and at a great price. It’ll be the first time little bean and me will have our own place. We are excited and looking forward to moving in. However there will of course need to be changes in our spending.

So now enters my adventures into the world of couponing, freezer meals, home made cleaners, budgets and who knows what else that I’m sure I’ll discover. Most of it I don’t mind doing but I don’t look forward to couponing. It seems like it would take so much time to go through coupons, find the best deals, get sales, etc. I seriously have no idea how I will have the time to do all these things, especially as a single mom. I guess I will eventually learn. Now don’t get me wrong I love getting a good deal or shopping at a good sale. But remembering that I have a coupon for that box of cereal or just simply remembering to bring the coupons with me to the store will be a feat all on it’s own! I certainly hope I can get the hang of it and fast!


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